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This form allows you to search the lists of works available on the Spoliation Reports page.

Please enter some text to search for, choose one or more categories to search and then click on 'Submit'.

  • Artist(or Origin)
  • Title(or Object Type)
  • Materials
  • Acquisition Details
  • Institution's Reference
  • Provenance

If you want to search the other areas of the site please use the site search instead.

Notes on the search

These notes give a brief description of the types of information included in the search categories above. Selecting 'Anywhere' will search all fields in the lists.

Due to the wide range of object types included in the database the information available for each work may vary: for example data that is applicable to a painting may not be available for a piece of scupture or a manuscript.

Browsing the lists before using this search facility will give you a better idea of how the lists are laid out and what information is included in each field.

Artist (or origin): Where applicable an entry will contain the name of the artist or creator of the work. If this information is not available then entries may be marked 'Anonymous' or 'Artist Unknown' and may indicate the place and period of origin of the piece (i.e. Italian 13th Century).

Title (or Object Type): This may include a description of the work, particularly where the the work is unnamed.

Materials: The medium (such as Oil on Canvas or Charcoal) or materials (bronze, earthenware etc.)

Acquisition Details: Date, nature and source of acquisition by the institution

Institution's Reference: Institution’s acquisition or reference number

Provenance: Details of owner, sale, acquisition or exhibition where available.

Anywhere: In addition to the above categories, selecting 'Anywhere' will search the entire text of the listing including dimensions and additional information that may be included about a work of art or its provenance.

Searches match all accented variations on characters so searching for 'Francois' will match 'François' and so on.

Please note that the list of works of art with incomplete provenance 1933-45 for the National Gallery can be found on the National Gallery's website. Works of art in the National Gallery list are not included in this search facility.