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The prevention of illicit trade

Guidance on appropriate action to take to ensure that public collections do not unwittingly become involved in the illicit market for cultural objects.


Problem solving

Advice on what to do should an object in your collection transpire to have been stolen or illicitly traded at some point in its history.


Restitution and repatriation

Guidance on the appropriate action to take on receipt of a claim for return of objects being held in a public collection in the UK.


Working with the media

Advice on providing media information, maintaining contacts and working towards positive perceptions of your activities in the cultural property field.


Looted art 1933-45

Information to assist in the recording of cultural objects with an uncertain history during the Second World War and Holocaust period from 1933-1945.


Legislation / Legal issues

Information on current UK legislation relating to the prevention of theft and the illicit trade in art, antiques and antiquities and key legal issues to keep in mind.


Human remains

Guidance for those holding human remains in public collections to work lawfully, professionally and ethically.



Current news stories from around the world.


Protection and prevention

Links to advice on protecting public collections prior to, and in the event of, war and natural disaster.


Case studies

Learn from the experiences of others working in public collections.

Public Collections